Use Math native methods

Native parts of JavaScript are all written in a lower-level language such as C++. That means these methods are compiled down to machine code as part of the browser and therefore don’t have the same limitations as your code.

The Math object contains properties and methods designed to make mathematical operations easier. There are several mathematical constants available:

Constant Meaning
Math.E The value of E, the base of the natural logarithms
Math.LN10 The natural logarithm of 10
Math.LN2 The natural logarithm of 2
Math.LOG2E The base-2 logarithm of E
Math.Log10E The base-10 logarithm of E
Math.PI The value of π
Math.SQRT1_2 The square root of 1/2
Math.SQRT2 The square root of 2

Each of these values is precalculated, so there is no need for you to calculate them yourself. There are also methods to handle mathematical calculations:

Method Meaning
Math.abs(num) The absolute value of num
Math.exp(num) Math.e**num
Math.log(num) The logarithm of num
Math.pow(num, power) num**power
Math.sqrt(num) The square root of num
Math.acos(x) The arc cosine of x